The Goldy Rush – You Born To Be Used! You Are My Wallet! You Should Hurt Yourself Financially Forever For Me – MISTRESS MISHA GOLDY – RUSSIANBEAUTY

You are not a man! You are nothing more than a wallet. You are nothing more than a human ATM! The only way I will notice you are to pay Me. I am better than you in everything, I am young, beautiful, and smart. When you see Me, your penis just takes over and you turn into a wallet in my mighty hands. You were destined to become a human wallet. I push a button and you give Me what I want. It is so simple. Your money is all I want. And you know that I am manipulating you, but you still give Me what I want. You know I’m using you, and you’re so damn grateful for the chance. You are a helpless addict. You are made to be used. You are my wallet! You have to hurt yourself financially forever for Me! I will take everything you have and you will thank Me.. ,