TheTinyFeetTreat – Home for the Summer Series – Stepsister Strip and Flip Flop

Surprise! I’m so excited that I’m home from college for the summer, stepbrother! We’re going to get to spend so much time together! I can’t believe how handsome you’re getting…I bet all the girls here are ALL OVER YOU, aren’t they? I think it’s time to remind you that I’m you’re main fantasy. You used to constantly jerk off to me. We both know it. You even used to steal my flip flops to cum in them and peep on me though my cracked bedroom door! Let’s live out your ultimate fantasy, stepbrother, and let me strip down for you and help you cum. You’ve always dreamed of seeing me completely nude. Now stroke off to my feet in these flip flops just like you used to, except this time you’ll get actually get to cum on my toes. You’ll forget all about those other girls this summer, I promise.. ,