They call me B-A-R-B-I-E – Ignoring your ass outside then letting you watch me take a piss

Today your loser ass gets to watch me as I almost 100% completely ignore you! (Except near the end I trash talk you). Watch me as I listen to music, dance a little, have some fun while relaxing in the beautiful outdoors, perfect day out as I chill like a boss, take snapchat pictures and vids, all while you get to watch me ignore you as if you don’t even exist. It’s almost as if you are spying on me. This is what it would feel like in real life to be near me….I would treat you like Check out my other categories and stores, I have many that I know your desperate ass will buy once you watch my beautiful sexy ass in this clip. Want a custom? They typically range from $5-7 per minute. Follow your Goddess on Instagram @krissyfoxx. ,