Young Goddess Kim – Suffer in Devotion

The only reason I’ve let you crawl out the cage into My presence is to serve My sadistic pleasure. you are just a piece of flesh to Me, a toy to use and degrade. I wear the keys to My locked property between My breasts and dangling on My ankle, you are constantly reminded that I own you. But for My game today I’ll be using one to unlock My property… it will learn that not only is it completely under My control, but that it was created to suffer for Me! you will even get the chance to release that useless cum, for My pleasure. The only way that is possible is through pain.. Stare at My Goddess body wrapped tightly in leather as I lock My property in this Kalis Teeth device. you’ll only feel a soft bite from tips of the spikes, for now. Stare in My eyes as I click the lock closed. Good toy. Now, let’s see if we can make this even more amusing – for Me! you can’t help getting harder, and harder as you worship My powerful leather ass. My property swelling deeper into the merciless spikes. Helplessly, painfully proving your devotion as I increase My cruel tease.. ,