SADISTIC GIRLS PAIN BRUATLITY – Nerd`s Brutal Beating Filmed

What a coincidence! This slave applied and the girls recognized him at the session. Its a fellow student from their university. A stupid nerd.

Now he is in trouble. The three girls now know that he is submissive and they can do what ever they want with him. They blackmail him and want to have him as their slave at the university.

They order him to do every day their homework, to drive them around and to clean their student rooms. He refuses and explains he has no time for that. No time ? Immediaetly brutal slaps explode in his face.

Page, Gina and Cassie know how to make a slave obey. Now he gets the beating of his pathetic nerd life. The girls slap and beat him full power.

They laugh about this pain and suffering. He begs for mercy and to let him go. But the cruel girls are merciless and continue to slap brutal his face.