Madam Violet - Into The Red - Trigger Implantation

Madam Violet – Into The Red – Trigger Implantation

This contains real hipn0sis, genuine NLP techniques – continue at your own financial risk slave : )
It’s day two. Time for you to be a good boy and go deep into trance for Me so I can implant your new trigger. Progressive muscle relaxation followed by My favourite eye closure deepener, those SNAPS of Mine electrocute your whole body with pleasure, and you OBEY every word as you must when you are My hipn0-slave.
Once your mind is Mine it is time to create in you the state of body and mind that I want to connect to the trigger. So STROKE, three tasks; yourself as many times as you can, do NOT cum and LISTEN to Me. So easy, so HORNY so weak. I make you quiver at the thought of PAYING Me, mentally and physically intensely aroused, I create the anchor then I give you the TRIGGER!
Mmmmmm every time you HEAR these words you becum overwhelmed with feelings of arousal and thoughts of financial surrender, you cannot help it, I am in CONTROL and your dick DRIPS in agreement. I do not WANT you to pay Me, slave, not right now. Just STROKE and LISTEN.
Triggered several more times, I begin your countdown to one last EDGE for Me. I bring you out of hipn0sis and order you put that heavy achey cock away, until tomorrow slave, when I will be PUSHING you even DEEPER into the red.
Contains: Hipn0sis, financial domination, PMR, eye closure deepener, finger snaps, psychological anchor, trigger implantation, NLP, br4inwashing., edging, tease and denial.