Madam Violet - Pleasure Trigger Implantation

Madam Violet – Pleasure Trigger Implantation

A special treat for you slave. I give you DEEP sexual pleasure and then anchor those sensations into a physical trigger so that, independent of Me you can access that DEEP pleasure again instantly.
Just listen, DROP then stroke your cock. Worshipping My body, surrendering to My voice. Obeying My words and building the pleasure into a peak over and over. The more you train with this the more obedient your body, mind and cock will become.
What a lucky bitch you are, to be with Me, to have access to instant ecstasy with a simple trigger. But it’s not really luck, only good boys get access, because to condition the mind repetition is usually required. You must practice. Trance is not magic it requires the slave to partake with focus. Can you focus slave…when My bare tits are melting your mind…
All I want in return is something I already have from you anyway, utter addiction, mindless obedience, devotion for life.
Contains: mesmerise, mind fuck, mental domination, sensual domination, goddess worship, joi, masturbation encouragement, ass worship, tit worship, topless, cum countdown, powerful woman, men following order, love addiction, cock control, layered vocals, binaural tones.